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  • EOD og IEDD – Bomb-disposing robots, mine detection and mine clearance equipment for removal of land mines, etc.
  • Search and surveillance - Advanced, wireless video and listening systems
  • X-rays – Stationary and mobile systems for antiterror, access security, packages, etc.
  • Data - Advanced solutions for data capture and analysis
  • Tracking of humans and assets

Special equipment

  • Clothing – Bomb suits, ABC suits, etc.
  • Search and surveillance - Listening, measuring and observation equipment, advanced telescopes, etc.
  • Hook og line - For vehicles, buildings and open areas
  • CBRNE - Equipment to avoid, contain, remove and clean out accidents and other situations

System responsibility

  • Agreement on access to workshop service
  • Agreement on on-site service throughout the country

Special assignments, e.g.

  • Removal of land mines via Damacon joint venture and The Mining Group in cooperation with Per Aarsleff

We put great emphasis on confidentiality in client relations. This is why information on more confidential products is not immediately accessible at NORAD’s homepage.

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