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NORAD's story

Today NORAD focuses on supplying overall solutions and special equipment to protect humans and assets.

Our current profile is based on our comprehensive experience within the development and supply of multifarious and complex systems on the area of special electronics and mechanics.

Previously NORAD also focused on other business areas such as mobile radio and mobile telephony. Following a strategic development process for a number of years, various business areas were spun off. Today NORAD has a strong focus on its core business in order to better be able to tune in on clients’ special needs for the protection of humans and assets.

Milestones in company history:

1 January 2011
Company HQ moves to Aarhus, Denmark.
December 2011
Damacon A/S becomes a fully owned subsidiary of NORAD A/S.
1 August 2009
MSc in engineering and MBA, Lars Gleerup, becomes new partner in NORAD A/S.
2008 Spinning off of business area regarding special electronics for the private sector and mobile radio industry
2006 Danminar A/S becomes a subsidiary of NORAD
2005 Spinning off of business area regarding mobile telephony
2005 NORAD co-founds Damacon A/S – Danish Mine Action Consortium
2004 New large delivery of robotic systems for the Defence
1999 New generation of bomb disposal robotic systems (Rulle-marie) is delivered to the Defence
1986 The first bomb disposal robotic systems (Rulle-marie) are delivered to the Defence
1985 Subsidiary within mobile telephony is established
1982 First special systems for the Police are delivered
1977 Establishment of business area regarding professional radio telephony
1976 Establishment of electronics service workshop
1975 Bachelor of Engineering Svend Sørensen takes on the first employee at NORAD
1971 Svend Sørensen establishes NORAD as an off-duty company based on the interest for amateur radio and electronics. The original business concept was to import equipment for radio amateurs and electronics for hobby use