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Ceia Sole Distributor for non-aviation

NORAD is proud to announce that CEIA (www) has appointed NORAD to be Sole Distributor for non-aviation security products in Denmark.

This will enable NORAD to supply the following CEIA products to non-aviation customers in Denmark:

  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors
  • Handheld Metal Detectors
  • Liquid Explosive Detection Systems
  • Shoe Metal Detectors
  • Mail Screening devices
  • Magneto Static Detectors (detection of cell phones)
  • Networking of CEIA Metal Detectors

With over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Metal Detectors, CEIA is by many working in the secutiry field considered to be the leading manufacturer of metaldetectors for security applications. CEIA has developed a series of security products with superior sensitivity and throughput and low false alarm rate like the SMD600 Plus Walk-Through shown above.
For more information, please contact Managing Director Lars Gleerup on mobile +45 20294999 or