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NORAD wins Framework Agreement for EOD Robots

NORAD A/S has been awarded a 7 year Framework Agreement with the Danish Defence for mini sized Bomb Disposal Robots. The agreements comes with an option for prolonging the agreement for another 7 years.
The Framework Agreement includes delivery of Bomb Disposal Robots, training of operators and maintenance staff, documentation, technical assistance and spare parts. An initial order for 4 Bomb Disposal Robots has been placed to a value of approx. 14 million DKK. The entire project is carried out in cooperation with Cobham Unmanned Systems.
NORAD has been supplying a wide range of products and solutions to the Danish Defence for more than 30 years. NORAD takes pride in the fact that the Defence has decided to extend the close cooperation in this field even more.
For more information, please contact Sales Manager, Klaus Langgaard Thomsen, klt@norad or +45 20453999.